Policy and

In June 2023, the Federal Government of Nigeria signed into law the Electricity Act of 2023, empowering state legislatures to develop policies and frameworks in respect to the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity within states. Following this precedence, NoMAP is supporting state governments in Nigeria with the capacity to create its electricity market. 

NoMAP is providing technical support to four state governments in developing off-grid RE policies and strategies to improve the delivery of clean energy electrification for improved livelihood and socio-economic growth. The offerings will include:

  1. Development of the state’s off-grid policy which will set out the state’s vision, objectives, strategy and action plans to improve electrification in the state through off-grid energy solutions. This will be developed collaboratively with the relevant state government institution.
  2. Capacity building for officials of focal state government institution(s) responsible for the implementation of the state’s off-grid policy.
  3. Technical support to implement policy document – Identification of private sector partners, development institutions and tools that can support policy implementation.
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