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In June 2023, the Federal Government of Nigeria signed into law the Electricity Act of 2023, empowering state legislatures to develop policies and frameworks in respect to the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity within states. Following this precedence, NoMAP is supporting state governments in Nigeria with the capacity to create its electricity market. 

NoMAP is providing technical support to four state governments in developing off-grid RE policies and strategies to improve the delivery of clean energy electrification for improved livelihood and socio-economic growth. The offerings will include:

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI)

Creating Jobs

Inspired by our work and would like to support us? We need bold partners like you to join our mission to close the energy access gap in off-grid communities in Nigeria and create an enabling environment for development brought about by energy access to take deep roots.

Join us on this journey below…



NoMAP Surveyed & certified commercially viable communities that are now in use for the Minimum Subsidy Tender Initiative of the Nigeria Electrification Project implemented by the REA


Identified off-grid communities viable for mini-grid development and SHS deployment across 30 States


Identified off-grid communities viable for mini-grid development and SHS deployment across 30 States

3hrs +

Significant reduction in electricity purchase time by SHS consumers in the absence of mobile money (reduction to 5 minutes from an average of 4 hours)

15 Payment Service Providers
24 SHS Companies
5 Mini-grid companies integrated into the SPOI API platform


Productive use appliances disbursed to rural customers


Signed with 4 state governments to support the documentation of an off grid electrification policy


Mini-grid field survey responses collected in viable mini-grid communities across 30 states

240k USD

provided to 3 mini-grid developers for the purchase of productive load assets for rural productive users across 21 mini-grid communities

150k USD

Disbursed to mini grid developers to set up agro processing facilities in mini grid locations to spur up agro value chain and increase revenue


mapping tool provided to state governments to support energy auditing to appropriately determine necessary energy requirement

Free Portal

Delivered a free web portal hosted on REA’s website that identifies viable mini-grid and SHS communities across 10 Nigerian state

>801 USD

transaction volume carried out on the SPOI/Green Plug platform


payment agents successfully integrated into the SPOI API platform giving off-grid companies the ability to expand into new locations


rural community across 3 states beneficiaries of productive use appliances

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