Climate Finance

Climate finance represents a shift from traditional investment models. It recognizes that funding must align with climate goals, emphasizing clean energy, resilience, and sustainable practices.

NoMAP is dedicated to increasing access to climate finance for clean energy projects in Nigeria, focusing on three core areas:

1. Catalyzing Finance:

  • We serve as a bridge between developers and investors in the clean energy sector.
  • Identifying and harnessing opportunities within carbon financing.
  • By facilitating connections and providing financial insights, we aim to accelerate
    the flow of capital into sustainable energy projects.

2. Policy & Regulatory Support:

  • Building on our existing policy work with state governments, we actively seek funding for specific clean energy projects. For instance, our efforts include
    initiatives like “Energizing Healthcare.”
  • By collaborating with both private and public stakeholders, we create an enabling environment for clean energy investments.

3. Deepening Market Intelligence:

  • As thought leaders in this space, we produce well-researched knowledge products
    and publications.

  • Our insights are grounded in local nuances and informed by practical experience,
    contributing to increased capacity and informed decision-making within the clean
    energy sector.

NoMAP remains committed to driving positive change by unlocking financial resources and fostering sustainable development through clean energy initiatives in Nigeria.

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