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Pilot an Off-Grid Payment System

Nigeria’s low mobile money penetration (about 1% of our population) makes it difficult for PAYGO companies to expand into the last mile and collect payment from customers. The goal of the pilot is to develop a “work-around” that will address the current difficulties faced by SHS companies in collecting payment from their unbanked customers. The workaround would facilitate the aggregation of payment channels - Agent Networks (cash collection agents); mobile money.

NoMAP is financing the integration of PAYGO billing systems of five SHS companies to the switch of SWIFTA, a payment aggregator.

Five SHS companies fully integrated into SWIFTA payment channel allowing for collection via 20,000+ agent networks across Nigeria (Static and mobile agents)

Lessons learned report on possible workarounds for last mile collection for PAYGO Solar.

Evidence of improvement in sales, churn, default rate, customer experience and energy access to the unserved.

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