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Off-Grid Market Intelligence: NoMAP Partners with Fraym

Off-Grid Market Intelligence: NoMAP Partners with Fraym

NoMAP has signed an agreement with Fraym, a consumer data company, to support it in gathering market intelligence on communities which are commercially viable for off-grid energy solutions.  This is in line with NoMAP’s mandate to collect and share credible market data that will assist market actors in making informed investment decisions. Fraym will leverage its proprietary machine learning techniques to weave together survey data (from primary and secondary sources) and high-resolution satellite imagery to deliver insights on commercially viable off-grid communities across 10 states in Nigeria.

NoMAP will validate the output of Fraym’s engagement by collecting community-level data in about 150 communities across these states using field enumerators.  The exercise will provide useful data points that include the estimated load of surveyed communities, level of productive activities, willingness and ability to pay, government infrastructure and other socio-economic indicators that can assist mini-grid developers, solar home systems companies as well as the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) in their expansion plans.

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