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Does NoMAP give out grants to SHS Companies/Mini-grid developers?
No, NoMAP does not give out grants. NoMAP is an independent market accelerator focused on addressing only two market barriers-Off-grid Payment Systems and Market Data Gathering.
Is NoMAP affiliated with any developer/company?
No, NoMAP operates independently and is a neutral entity.
How can we get more information on NoMAP activities?
Kindly send an email to or subscribe to our newsletters HERE
Why has the payment solution been streamlined to just agent networks and why was the recharge card option not considered?
NoMAP had kicked off by having interested SHS companies meet with SWIFTA, there the companies made a collective business decision to opt for agent network payments only, due to the low cost of integrations, the ease of understanding for their customers and the opportunities for agents to cross sell as distributors. Post-pilot phase the mobile money payment may be explored
Why did NoMAP select the states for the data gathering?
NoMAP had series of r engagements/meetings with stakeholder in the off-grid energy sector in Nigeria and came to a consensus on the states.

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